We are taking precautions due to COVID-19. No  inside hours May or June . While we are waiting :

To all of you that participated in the 1st & 2nd  wave promotions/ fundraisers to keep the Butterfly Sanctuary afloat until the doors open ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH.

2nd Promotion of Caterpillar Hatching kits , etc.for pick up on JUNE 7th NOW CLOSED FOR NEW ORDERS. We will have some extras on pickup day but will not take new orders past this post. The next promotion will post on June 8th, pick up will be May 29th and will include something extra and patriotic for the kids for July 45th celebrations . Watch for it              

 2nd PROMOTION  /  pick up  June  7th 


KIT: cup-o-pillars ( 2 Painted Lady caterpillars with food  )

1 reusable net habitat

1 pk Common Milkweed seeds

admit 2 Sanctuary pass  ( never expires ) 

decorative plant pot stake 

the good feeling you get inside for helping us stay in business

$36.50 value - $20.00 

JUST CATERPILLARS  ( you already have a habitat ) 

cup of 2 - $8.00


Hand made by BMBS staff are:
2 layers quality cotton/cotton blend fabrics
Machine/hand stitched
Washed in OxyClean and hot water
Packaged wearing a mask/gloves
Easy care:
Hand wash mild soap - Rinse - Hang dry
5 Sizes Available!
Adult: S-M-L
Children: Toddler - Youth
COSTS: $5 each / 6/$25 - 12/$45
email us for more  information on masks 
Sales benefit BMBS 
each plant in biodegradable paper "pot" $2.00 each
ALL ORDERS MUST COME THROUGH bearmb@ptd.net email .
Please don't try and order through Facebook or  phone message. Our system will not track your order and you may miss out. All orders will get a confirmation reply , order # and pick up time/window. 
Butterflies for Releases 

We will be raising Monarchs again this year and should have them available my mid June , Painted Ladys almost any time with a little advanced notice.

Personal Shopping

If you are familiar with our fabulous nature based gift shop, we will be set  up by May 5th and can shop for you and have available for pick up or possibly arrange for a private ( masked please ) 1 or 2 person shopping experience . So if you needs new wings, a better bug box, books, stickers, science toys, bling, nets, wands , puppets, kites ....... let us know. I can send pictures.

Once "stay at home" is lifted, think about letting us to bring a butterfly program to you.

Please check back  for updates  on events and opening      

2nd wave kit
2nd wave masks


$9.00/person ages 3-100+

$8.00/senior (age 62+)

Children Age 2 and younger are FREE

No reservations needed once we get the Sanctuary open to the public 

  • Interactive Live Flight Room
  • Butterfly Hatching Area
  • Frog Room
  • Videos
  • Educational Programs
  • Guided Tours
  • Puzzles & Activities
  • Nature-based Gift Shop
  • Art Space / Craft Area
  • Scout Programs
  • Parties

Butterfly Releases

Whisper a wish to your butterfly before your release it. Bear Mountain Butterflies can supply you with live butterflies for you special occasions. Learn more. 

Frogs and More

There is more to see at Bear Mountain Butterflies...visit the frog room to see exquisite dart frogs and more! Learn more.