Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary


We still have a limited supply of live Monarchs for releases through the end of September. Contact us as soon as possible for availability and pricing at :

If you want to book a program at the Sanctuary for May 2020, or later , or want us to bring a butterfly program to you at any time email us at :


$8.00/person ages 3-100

$7.00/senior (age 62+)

Children Age 2 and Younger are FREE

No reservations needed June 6th - August 30th, 2020

  • Interactive Live Flight Room
  • Butterfly Hatching Area
  • Frog Room
  • Videos
  • Educational Programs
  • Guided Tours
  • Puzzles & Activities
  • Nature-based Gift Shop
  • Art Space / Craft Area
  • Scout Programs
  • Parties

Butterfly Releases

Whisper a wish to your butterfly before your release it. Bear Mountain Butterflies can supply you with live butterflies for you special occasions. Learn more. 

Frogs and More

There is more to see at Bear Mountain Butterflies...visit the frog room to see exquisite dart frogs and more! Learn more.