Private school, etc. groups April & May

Scout Weekend May 18th & 19th

Welcome the Butterflies Back Event  May 25th & 26th

Yardsale May 27th

CLOSED NOW .  We have a special Scout event in May and "Welcome the Butterflies Back" celebration on   Memorial Day weekend 

Public walk-in hours start Sat. June 8th at 11:00. At Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary, we believe that every person'Public walk-in hours start Sat. June 10th at 11:00.s life can be enriched by a closer connection to the world of nature. Visitors can hand feed butterflies in the "flutterarium", meet wonderful turtles, exotic frogs, lizards, beautiful moths, and more. If you  are interested in booking a summer 2024 fieldtrip or special large group visit, or a butterfly release, please email us at or message Mari at 484 467 0882

Starting  June 8th, we are open every day through August 25th


 Every Tuesday 2-6   ~1  Grandparnet free with 1 paid child admission . Rain or shine, no reservations needed.

Reservations and Admissions for 2024.  No reservations needed  for any  public walk-in days starting June 18th
  Thurs. through Mon. 11-5, Tues. & Wed. 2-6.             RAIN OR SHINE  $14.00 for kids ages 3-12 and seniors over 62 and over . Adults $15.00. Large family or group of friends ?                FRIENDS & FAMILY  punchcard for $120.00: good for 10 admissions, all at once or at different times.  SUPPORTING MEMBER:        $50.00 for adults, $30 for kids gets you an individual membership card, plastic holder and lanyard. This admits you        ( person named on card ) as many time as you like for the entire season !!!! Come on over and see whats new . Experience the wonder of live butterflies and other exotic creatures in Jim Thorpe’s unique hands-on education center, featuring an indoor “Flutterarium” live butterfly flight room, Exotic frog room, Axolotls, turtles, fish, kids’ art space / activity room, hands-on science, and nature-based gift shop.


         "WELCOME THE BUTTERFLIES BACK"  celebration MAY 25th & 26th. A benifit for Family Promise of Carbon County . All our regular butterfly , Axolotl, turtle, fish, frog & lizard fun & special crafts, food, plant sales, Painted Lady butterfly hatching kits, interactive programs, and live "guests" from our friends at C.C.E.E.C.Rain or shine, this will be a really fun weekend . Hot Dogs, Pierogies, BBQ.Everyone is welcome , no reservations required. The Sanctuary will also be open from 11-5 on Memorial Day May 27th , come on over for fun, door prizes, crafts , hatching kits and plants.

               SCOUT WEEKEND MAY 18th & 19th  ~RESERVATIONS REQUIRED                                     10:00-12:30   ~ Programs for Daisys, Brownies, Girl Scouts, Juniors .Video ~ Special Butterfly, Moth, Axolotl, Turtle, Frog Programs ~ Art/Craft Project  Time inside the "Flutterium" , Frog Room, etc.   Time for the Monarch Gift Shop. We have a large selection of educational toys, bug boxes, nets, kites, plush, stickers, books, puppets, jewelry, Painted Lady Hatching kits, mounted butterflies, and more.             $12.00 per person ~Butterfly Friends iron-on patch available for $4.00 each . For more info and reservations email :  with your troop number, number of kids and adults you would like to bring , your choice of morning or afternoon session, and a phone number. We will respond quickly. **If you have a scout group  larger than 20 people, we can discuss adding a session on Sunday 

Find your inner butterfly
reptile at bear mountain
zebra longwing butterfly
Ahhhh, the wonder of butterflies!
butterfly garden in the Poconos
live butterflies at bear mountain butterfly sanctuary
butterfly sitting on girls hand
looking through a magnifying glass at butterfly
orange dart frog
carbon county environmental education center wildlife program
kids learning at bear mountain butterfly sanctuary
green frog
classroom at bear mountain butterflies
classroom at bear mountain butterfly sanctuary
boy looking at monarch butterfly through magnifying glass
girl holding luna moth



  • Interactive Live Flight Room
  • Butterfly Hatching Area
  • Frog and Reptile Room
  • Videos
  • Educational Programs
  • Guided Tours
  • Puzzles & Activities
  • Nature-based Gift Shop
  • Art Space / Craft Area
  • Scout Programs
  • Parties

Butterfly Releases

Whisper a wish to your butterfly before your release it. Bear Mountain Butterflies can supply you with live butterflies for you special occasions. Learn more. 

Frogs and More

There is more to see at Bear Mountain Butterflies...visit the frog room to see exquisite dart frogs and more! Learn more.