If you would like live monarchs or Painted Ladys for a butterfly release in 2024, they should ideally be ordered by mid April, 2024

email us at bearmb@ptd.net

Graceful, Colorful Fliers For Release at Your Special Occasions

Large, Healthy, Hand-Raised Painted Lady and Monarch Butterflies

Butterflies may be picked up at the Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary. Large orders of Painted Ladys can be shipped by overnight express one day before your event, shipping costs to be added to butterfly costs.With each order, we will include a beautiful copy of the Native American legend which describes a butterfly as a wish messenger to the heavens. Read the legend aloud and whisper a wish to your butterfly before letting it go. Bring a smile to someone with a gift of live butterflies: weddings, memorial services, birthdays, thank yous, love gestures, get well, etc….please check with us ahead to make sure we have available

monarch butterfly on pink flower


Butterflies for Release

PLEASE note : Painted Ladys can be shipped to you if neccessary, but Monarchs must be picked up .


June thorough mid Septemper

$100 per dozen butterflies . You may order 1-250 butterflies .



May through mid September

$50.00 per dozen  (plus shipping and handling when necessary) You may order 1-250 butterflies

Individual Releases

Each butterfly will come in its own release envelope (included free with order).

A personalized message can be printed on clear labels to add to your release envelopes ($4 per dozen).

Mass Releases

Net Habitats: 5.5 x 7 net habitat $8.00

holds Monarchs or Painted Ladys

different sizes available

Release Boxes:

We like these. They are Senimay, soft gold in color, very see-through, and safe for the butterflies. We make card stock round bottoms with feeding pads for them at no extra charge. Use for release, discard liner, wipe with damp cloth and a drop of bleach and dry in the sun. Use many times. We can hot glue a daisy on the top at no extra charge or you can decorate. Due to Typhoons in the Philippines, production has stopped and

  • We have a very limited number  left in a variety of sizes, if you are interested in this type of release container, please ask.



monarch butterflies in box

A letter we received after a memorial release of some of our Monarchs:

“What a beautiful experience! After leaving you on Friday, my mother and I drove to Allentown to meet up with my sister. We drove through torrential rain for the whole trip and had to sit at the side of the road due to poor visibility and hail. My mother and I tried to have a positive outlook, but as the heavy rains continued, we talked of other plans if the rain continued until our time to meet with the rest of the family at 6:30.While sitting with my sister and nephews at their home, I found the butterfly release poem that brought us all to tears as we thought of celebrating my Dad’s memory. The rain slowed down by 6:00 and as we drove to Cedar Beach Park, the sun came out with a soft wind and a temperature of 76. As we gathered at the park, the conditions were perfect for our tribute to my Father.Half of the butterflies flew from the box as the lid was lifted and made a formation as they flew upward while the others stayed nearby to celebrate with us.Thank you!! It was truly an experience that we will never forget! ”

Butterflies can bring hope and healing, joy and wonder.