Monday  June 26 ~  Treasure Hunt. All our usual butterfly and frog fun plus an extra activity for elementary aged kids. Open 11-5. No reservations needed.We are still celebrating “PAINTED LADY DAYS” with giggles of cute little butterflies that just LOVE To sit on visitors fingers.. So much fun AND we are flying some really exceptional butterflies right now; Julias, Zebras, Red Admirals , and more. Come on over. A great place for family fun
Open to all .  $8.00 per person 3-62 yrs. babies free, seniors  $7.00.  NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED. FREE PARKING
 Thursday through Monday 11-5, Tuesday and Wednesday 2-6. Group Bookings available Tuesday and Wednesday mornings: email for date  availability.

PLEASE VISIT US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bearmountainbutterflysanctuary/

If your thing is NOT butterflies, you still might want to  visit our wonderful and unique gift shop. No admission to shop . A huge selection of Folkmanis puppets, nature-themed toys, jewelry, gorgeous scarves, solar dye kid’s t-shirts, kites, and more. The shop is open during all regular 


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