We love our critters. In  2021 , we have added Dart Frogs, Oriental fire Belly toads, , A White's Tree Frog, Red Ear Sliders, Glow Fish, Betas and 2 new Axolotles ! In 2022, we  hope to add more species to the mix.

Real Dart Frogs:

But don't worry – they are completely non-toxic in captivity.

Dart frogs are in the class of amphibians. They can be found in the rain forests, but only in Central and South America where they like to stay on the floor of the forests in moist and shady places. They are extremely small, most only 1/2 to 1 inch in length.

They have brilliant and various colors. For example, they can be green or blue with black patches and also have flash colors, which are exposed when the animal jumps. These colors warn other animals that the frog is not fit to eat.

The Sanctuary is home to several species, including “Bumble Bee Frogs”. The poison dart frog has special skin that can secret poisons which kill other animals. They make these toxins by eating poison beetles, termites, and ants. Our frogs are all captive raised rather than wild caught and are fed fruit flies dusted with vitamin and mineral powder. They are not capable of making the “poisons”.

The biggest environmental change for the poison dart frog is that rain forests are being cut down, which means they are losing their only home.

Another environmental danger for the dart frog is the decreasing of the ozone. This is very important to them because they have extremely sensitive skin and the ultraviolet rays are damaging their skin.

Oriental Firebelly Toads:

The Fire-bellied Toads is a group comprising eight species of small toads (most species typically no longer than 1.6 in or 4.1 cm) belonging to the genus Bombina. Common variants of the name ‘Fire-bellied toad’ include ‘firebelly toad’ and ‘firebellied toad’.

“Fire-bellied” is derived from the brightly colored red- or yellow-and-black patterns on the toads’ ventral regions, which act as a warning to predators of the toads’ reputedly foul taste. The other parts of the toads’ skins are green or dark brown. When confronted with a potential predator, the toad arches its back, raising its front and back legs to display the bright coloration . They are aquatic and the boys “bark” at the girls!

Visit Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary and get an up-close look at these little beauties while they still exist.

oriental firebelly toad

Special thanks to John Gaughran

John owns and operates Dart Frogs to Dogs
6007 West Main Blvd. Unit B, Bath, PA 18067
*At the intersection of Airport Road and 248.

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