Group Programs

Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary is open for groups of 16 or more by special scheduling from mid-April through late summer. Bring your Scouts, Seniors, Birthday Parties or more!

Butterfly Releases

Order your butterflies for a special occasion. Make wish and set your monarch butterflies free. See all the options we offer for your planned release.

Raising Butterflies

Raise your Monarch or Painted lady butterflies. Care for caterpillars and butterflies, then release them into the wild. This is great way for kids to learn about metamorphosis.

About Milkweed Plants &  Seed

Monarch butterflies feed exclusively on the leaves of milkweed. Learn more about what milkweed varieties to plant and how much you need to sustain your monarchs.

Frogs and More

Bear Mountain Butterflies is more than butterflies. We have frogs too! Come see dart frogs and oriental firebelly toads.


Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary offers a variety of discounts for seniors, military, grandparents and more.